How to protect your children from life

 What is it that mothers think of the most right after they have had they’re baby? The thing i thought and worried about the most was keeping my baby alive and that’s no joke. It is amazing how fragile a baby is, and how easily something can break them. It terrifies me to think about it. In fact it is not just easy to make a little mistake that could lead to a babies death but even easier to do something small that could damage your baby permanently. Think about how easy it would be for a baby to fall over and hit their head on something solid. This little knock could lead to swelling and fluid buildup and eventually brain damage. I am not trying to scare you or make you paranoid but this is a serious topic. Your baby is fragile and needs to be protected. Careless parents have babies that survive but may live with some sort of damage from this carelessness. Imagine a parent that doesn’t spend much time thinking about the foods that go into their baby. They just buy whatever is cheap and easy. When I say easy I mean it’s easier to get a child to eat chicken nuggets than broccoli. There are plenty of people preaching on this topic. It’s hard to get your kid to eat healthy food. It’s easy to just buy processed chicken nuggets and throw them in the microwave. I get it. My point is that the children will suffer damage from the lazier parent. They’re brain may not develop as well as a child with a thorough and energetic parent. You get what I’m saying? I recommend you spend the time and energy to raise kids that are smart and energetic. Kids that will do the best in school and get the better jobs.