Protecting A Child From Abuse

Child Abuse And How To Protect Your Children From It

Prevemting Abuse Of Children
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Children are vulnerable to any kind of abuse. Countless children every year are physically or sexually abused. It is not easy to watch the bruises on their faces and think of every single trauma and pain they have gone through.

Lately, the media has been covering this topic on a more regular and detailed basis. Seeing the terrifying cases of child sexual abuse can be troubling to all parents who have small children. Anxiety can sometimes get in the way. We become overprotective to them. We do not want them to grow up in fear, anger and neglect.

Sure, we are the ones who need to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. But, sometimes our own ways wrapping them with too much cotton wool cannot give them the skills they need to develop in order to protect themselves. It is our role to help them develop as healthy social human beings allowing them to be in school and not being with them all the time. All we can do is lessen the risks.

Fortunately, there’s a much increased awareness about child abuse. Years ago, no one talked about children’s sexual health and safety. But today, professionals in both social work and the medical fields have been working together to design programs which aim to teach children about healthy relationships and create places where parents, teachers, and children feel they can speak up about abuse.

Teaching Children Skills To Fight Against Abuse
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As parents, we can help ourselves by not letting worries rule our days. We have a choice to be proactive about it. The internet is a good source for programs tackling on child abuse prevention like the NYSPCC’s curriculum called “Safe Touches: A Personal Safety Training for Children”. It facilitates child-friendly workshops to provide information on the difference between safe and unsafe touching, teaching them about boundaries and about discerning types of touch. It teaches children to identify an adult whom they could turn to when they feel unsafe or confused and it teaches them the assertive language skills. Even at a young age of four, they can be taught how to use their voice to prevent abuse. These are valuable to children. The NYSPCC can also serve as a therapy referral source. Its mental health clinicians are specially trained in treatment for child sexual and physical abuse.

Sometimes we need not look farther because your child’s school can be of tremendous help if they have programming on child abuse prevention.

Prevent Child Abuse To Enhancing Social Skills
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Aside from teaching our kids the skills, it is crucial that we are aware of the ways on how to safeguard them in the best ways possible. It starts with knowing who’s on your child’s life. Participate in your child’s activities and become acquainted with your child’s friends. Reassure yourself that they are always in supervised situations with trustworthy adults. Check the backgrounds and reference of a nanny or caregiver. Make certain your child’s school or day care center will release her only to you or someone you officially designate.

This is simply one small piece of the much larger prevention puzzle. But this is not definitely an insignificant one.