Volunteering in an orphanage to educate and counsel children.

I had spent my weekends volunteering in an orphanage to educate and counsel children. I was very happy to get the opportunity to become a foster parent to 2 children, keeping them warm and secure in our small home. Until one day I realized I had a calling to take care much more children who needed help.


With love and also determination, I have been able to begin a small orphanage which initially catered a few children. I worked together with friends to create a non-profit. To run a place like this was difficult. Each year, many kids were left under our care. I saw the possibility of getting a bigger place for the expanding group. It turned out good that more and more people became aware of our cause. Generous people and couple of large companies had helped me in financing for a new place.


Finally, I decided to search for a property in Anniston that was large enough for me to turn into an orphanage/school for the children which are sent to our care and i’m happy that i discovered a place close to City of Anniston park. As well as i choose Anniston since there’s a lot beautiful places for the kids like Anniston Museum of Natural History and a lot of delicious restaurant like LongHorn Steakhouse.


Owning a new place for the children is a dream come true. I have wanted to give them a place in which they are able to laugh and play, learn in a classroom and sleep comfortably. I have been doing this because I consider these kids as my own family.


That was something my parents had taught me – that sometimes, kids cannot speak on their own and they need kind hearted individuals to speak on their behalf and guide them. I am happy that my parents will continue to live through the teachings they passed to me.


After moving in our new home we encounter some sort of plumbing issues, it’s hard for me to find a trusted plumber then one of my friends suggested that he knew a Very good plumbing contractor in Anniston and suggested me the Preston’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning and When the repair issues of the house was settled, me and the kids was very thankful for it.


And i understand the best method to go about these problems and understand it even further is to learn and read on it. There is never any harm in continuously learning how you can help your children develop in a home that is full of love and support for them, especially because sometimes, parents who ignorantly abuse their children is a more painful to the heart than those who do it with awareness.